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The speech of His Excellency Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kadhimi







April -9 2020

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


To the proud people of Iraq throughout our homeland.

Peace and Allahs mercy and blessings be upon you.


Today I received a letter from HE President Barham Salih designating me with forming the Iraqi government, in accordance with the constitutional norms.

I would like to express my gratitude for HE, the President, and all the political blocs for achieving national consensus, and entrusting me to lead during this crucial stage of our countrys history. This responsibility is a significant and difficult national test, where success towards fair and free elections is not the task of one single individual but an obligation on everyone.

Yes, its everyones task.

I would also like to offer my congratulations to our people and the Islamic world on the blessed occasion of the Fifteenthof Shaaban, praying to the almighty God that it presents a good start for development, prosperity and stability for our country, the people of the region, and all of humanity.

Today, our people also mark the anniversary of the fall of the dictatorial regime and the establishment of the political process, with all what accompanied it of controversy and internal and external challenges, and our people are yet to fulfill their aspirations, or their dreams.

We went through failures on different levels, for which everyone was responsible, and today, we are obliged to conduct a frank and direct review and dialogue with our people, and with ourselves.

The ministerial cabinet that I intend to present to the Council of Representatives at the earliest possibility, along with the Government program, will be a Government which serves the people, with deeds, not words.

Everybody without exception must bear the responsibility of supporting this Government and enabling it to succeed and participate in serving the people.

This Government will definitely not be an isolated Government. It shall not be a Government that performs behind closed doors or in secrecy.

The Government pledges it will be at the frontlines in protecting our people from the dangers of the coronavirus. We will exert ourutmost efforts, and will use all of our internal and external contacts to protect Iraq from this pandemic. We will look after those negatively impacted by the curfew. We will also provide support to the medical staff, healthcare workers and security services, now and in the future and will ensure we have the necessary funds for public health protection.

Sovereignty is a red line, and we will not be tolerant at the expense of Iraqs sovereignty. We will not make any concessions regarding the dignity of Iraq and Iraqis. Iraq is deeply rooted in history.

Iraq owns its sovereign decision; the Government will endeavor to preserve national sovereignty and the interests of Iraqis.

Iraqs sovereignty will not be a controversial issue. I repeat, Iraqs sovereignty will not be a controversial issue. Iraqis decisions belong to them. Iraq is for Iraqis.

The State, and only the state has sole power over all types of weapons, heavy, medium, and light. Neither individuals nor groups have this kind of power.

The security and military institutions, including all their branches of Army, Police and Peshmerga, will live up to their role of preventing the uncontrolled spread of arms, and we will enforce monopoly over weapons through decisive measures.

The Iraqi economy is, as you know, run-down, and the oversized civil service is burdening the State. We will work on pushing the economy forward, through expanding investments, diversifying income, and supporting industries, agriculture, and commerce. 

There are demands made by the people, expressed during the protests. These are the responsibility of all of us. The sacrifices made by Iraqis in the war against Daesh were dear, and the sacrifices made by Iraqis during the protests, to demand their rights were also dear. We will protect these rights.

Our external relations have to be successful, and their success relies on adopting the concepts of respect, cooperation, and balance with neighbors and friends, regionally and internationally on the foundation of our national sovereignty.

External crises dont serve internal stability. 

Only relationships between equals, based on mutual interests, create stability, enhances the economy, and more importantly, preserves the dignity of Iraqis.

We will not let anyone, internally or externally, insult any Iraqi by calling him/her a subordinate to an external entity. An Iraqi cannot be a subordinate.

Iraqis are the heirs of civilizations.

Iraqis strength is in their attachment to being patriots.

We are opponents for our adversaries.

We are brothers for our neighbors and friends.

We are servants for our people, and no one else. I repeat, we are servants for our people, and no one else.

Combating corruption and the corrupt, and returning IDPs to their homes is a target I will never abandon.

My people and family everywhere,

We need to work together to protect Iraq from crises, conflicts and meaningless wars.

We need to prove that we are worthy of Iraq.

With deeds, not with words.

We need to cooperate with one and other, trust each other, and trust the State.

The State is not an individual, a party, a group, an entity, a sect, a religion, nor an ethnicity.

The State is you. The State is your vigilance on its security and stability.

The State is your voices defending sovereignty, rights, and national decisions.

The State is your efforts in all sectors of work, creativity, and accomplishment.

Us and you, the legacy of Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, and all these concepts, they run inside Iraqis blood.

Glory to Iraq.

Eternity for Iraqs martyrs.

Dignity and pride for the people of Iraq.

You are Iraq.

You are Iraq.



Media Office of the Prime Minister
April -9 2020