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H.E. Prime Minister Mustafa AL-Kadhimi visits Ministry of Oil Headquarter






June -20– 2020

His Excellency Prime Minister Mustafa AL-Kadhimi visited this Sunday Ministry of Oil Headquarter and met with Minister of Oil and advanced staff.
His Excellency the Premier AL-Kadhimi confirmed his keenness to visit Ministry of Oil in this critical time and after the completed of the Cabinet formtion, because of the important role of that Ministry in sustaining the Iraqi economy and implementing the duties assigned to it without any default, we look forward to the Ministry of Oil to carrying out its tasks and advancing its work.
His Excellency reaffirmed that the Iraqi oil sector is one of the oldest sectors, and we must restore it activities.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi assured on the independence of the Ministry of Oil, its work and projects must continue, we want the Ministry to be a model in the institutional development of the Iraqi state, Commitment to professionalism and integrity away from narrow passions and interests, Noting to the need to make financial and economic reforms in the work of the Ministry of Oil
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi emphasized that the general budget depends on oil revenues at 95%, and this is evidence of the failure of previous policies, indicating that his government is working to maximize other revenues, oil revenues must be converted into development work projects to serve the Iraqi economy
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi indicated that the government is currently studying the formation of an investment fund to secure the future generations of the country's future countries, as oil revenues are the primary source of the state, and the principle of justice must be achieved through the distribution of wealth between generations
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi affirmed that he will not back down from the country's financial and economic reform, It is not a reaction, Rather, it is a reform process of the state of the country, Stressing that discussions are continuing regarding the expected reforms despite political auctions and attempts to disrupt them, But we confirm that the opportunity is right to address past mistakes.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi assured that there should be no retreat, while he announced previously that double salaries should be stopped, With regard to the salaries of detainees of Rafha and other categories to achieve justice, we are continuing to achieve financial and economic reforms to correct wrong paths in this regard

During the meeting, the issue of security permits was also discussed, Whereas His Excellency the Prime Minister directed that work with it be completely transparent and away from the bureaucracy, which is another facet of corruption, Stressing at the same time to combat all forms of corruption describing it as a lesion rotting corrupted the State's Institutions and hindering its reform processes and Daesh terrorist gangs occupied our cities because of corruption.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
June -20- 2020