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H.E. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi chairs the tenth cabinet session held in Basra Governorate






July -15- 2020

His Excellency Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi chaired the tenth cabinet session held in Basra Governorate.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi at the opening of the session: The council will start holding sessions in the governorates, starting from the city of Basra, which is dear to our hearts, in order to implement the demands of our people in the provinces and provide services to them.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi added: Working with one team and integrated spirit will help us to overcome crises and face the many challenges that the country is going through.
His Excellency continued: Basra and its esteemed people have a special place in the hearts of all Iraqis and they endured the horrors of dictatorship and wars, just as they endured the consequences of corruption, mismanagement and planning that afflicted their city and their environment, proceeding from that in their love for their city, Iraq's cultural and economic gateway.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi confirmed that the hard work must start from Basra, and pass through Basra, and it will soon bear fruit in Basra as well.
The Cabinet examined the topics on its agenda, and took a number of decisions concerning Basra Governorate, namely:
1- Approval to proceed with the contracting procedures in the Basra Great Water Project, which is considered one of the most prominent strategic and direct work projects.
2- The involvement of Basra Governorate in the periodic follow-up work of the Great Basra Water Project, through specialized committees, with coordination with the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works.
3- Assigning the Ministry of Water Resources, in cooperation with consultants to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Basra Governorate, to submit a plan to implement the project of the tube channel (Al-Bida Channel), after reviewing and evaluating the available studies, and the ministries of finance and planning include the project within the budget of 2021.
4- Establishing an infrastructure implementation program to proceed with the distribution of residential lands to their beneficiaries through the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities making use of the consultant contracted with Basra Governorate, to review and update the designs prepared for Al-Sayyab Residential City.
5- Granting the governor of Basra the authority to pay the salaries of thirty thousand Basra residents, from the cash liquidity available in the Basra governorate.
6- The council directed to refer all the delaying projects to the Ministerial Council for Services, and to submit recommendations thereon within a month period, for approval in the Ministerial Council for Services.
During the session, the Prime Minister directed the referral of the Al-Zubair sewage project to the Ministerial Council for Social Services, for its study and for the appropriate recommendation to be made to the Council of Ministers, provided that the Governor of Basra is hosted in the Ministerial Council for Social Services for the purpose of discussion.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
July -15- 2020