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H.E. the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa Al-Kadhimi chairs a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security






July -12- 2020

His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi chaired this Sunday a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security during which a number of issues and developments on the Iraqi arena were discussed.
During the meeting, His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi reviewed the results of his visit to the Mandali border crossing, and the measures taken with a view to improving it of this port and fighting corruption in it and in the other borders crossing. His Excellency confirmed that the government is continuing to work to prevent corrupt people from exploiting these borders crossing, and laying down plans to develop the borders crossing, support and developed its reality and level of performance
The Council also discussed the continuation of Turkish violations of Iraqi airspace and lands and stressed the continuation of the diplomatic dialogue with the Turkish Republic to stop the breaching which represents an attack on Iraqi sovereignty and offend the close relations between the two friendly countries, In addition to harming lives and property, in another context, the Council discussed the issue of demonstrations and the need to preserve their integrity in line with freedom of opinion and expression to preserve the rule of law and state prestige.
The Council viewed the file of the assassinations, stressing that concerned authorities carry out their duties, speed-up the results of the investigation regarding the recent assassinations, and revealing the identity of the perpetrators and not neglecting to bring them to be accounted.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
July -12- 2020