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H.E. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi visits IDP's Camps in Nimrud at Nineveh







June -10– 2020

His Excellency Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi visited the IDP's Camps families at Nimrud area in Nineveh province
His Excellency the Premier, during the visit, instructed the governorate departments to prepare comprehensive and detailed lists of the numbers of the IDP's.
His Excellency the Premier also directed to implement the necessary measures to reduce IDP's suffering and facilitate their return to their areas of origin. This camp includes families who were displaced from Al-Baaj, Al-Hadar and Rabia areas.
In addition to that those IDPs from the right side of the city of Mosul, forced to leave their areas of residence during the barbaric control imposed by the defeated Daesh terrorist organization.
In his speech, his Excellency the Premier pledged to the people of the governorate that the government is work with all its capabilities to find a permanent solution to the problem of the IDP's, and to end their suffering.
His Excellency the Premier Al-Kadhimi reaffirmed that the current situation, and the economic hardship that Iraq is going through today, took place as a result of Mistakes accumulation, relying on oil as a primary source, while the priority was to revitalization of other sectors, like agriculture, industry, and tourism, to be a strong tributary that supports the national economy.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
June -10– 2020.