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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi receives the ambassadors of Britain, Germany, and France in Baghdad.






May9- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi receives the ambassadors of Britain, Germany, and France in Baghdad, during the meeting; they reviewed the development of relations between Iraq and EU countries and ways of continuing cooperation in all fields, as well as discussing developments in the region in light of the current tension between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

His Excellency Prime Minister confirmed that Iraq is keen to establish cooperative relations with all its neighbors, its Arab, regional and international environment, including the United States and Iran, Iraq's relations contribute to enhancing security, stability, economic prosperity in the region, the world, while His Excellency touring the in neighboring countries and Arab countries, regional and European all that would be benefit in this direction, that these balanced relations gave Iraq the status it deserves in addition to its positive reflection on the stability of Iraq internally, Pointing to the faith of Iraq in dialogue and understanding to resolve all problems with neighboring countries and giving preference to the differences, and not to enter within any axis,

In addition to Iraq's declared position of being not within US sanctions against Iran.

His Excellency expressed the need to seek to support efforts to stabilize the region and defuse the crisis, the importance of creating rules of conduct that govern relations between states and avoid the dangers of losing their security and stability.

For their part, the ambassadors of the three European countries expressed their satisfaction with the development of relations with Iraq and the efforts of their countries to develop them and increase cooperation, commended the role played by Iraq and its balanced foreign policy in its Arab and regional environment while the Iraqi government's seeking of the interests of its people and its keenness to strengthen the status of Iraq among the countries of the region.

They expressed the desire of EU countries to expand cooperation with the Iraqi government, support its program and policy, their confidence in His Excellency Prime Minister, the steps taken at the internal level and foreign policy, pointing out that the views between Iraq and the EU countries on the crisis in the region and the importance of defusing it.

The ambassadors also renewed the desire of their countries to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, calling for overcoming obstacles and increasing opportunities and investments for European companies looking forward to work in Iraq.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
May – 9 – 2019