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His Excellency Prime Minister: Shaheed al-Mehraab Al-Hakim is present in us with his words, principles, values, and sacrifices







March  - 8– 2019

In the name of Allah the Merciful
(Do not think those who were killed in the way of Allah dead, but live when their Lord will live ... Believe in Allah Almighty)

On the first day of Rajab 16 years ago, Takfiri terror assassinated the great martyr Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim Qods Sarh al-Sharif. The martyr was assassinated fasting in worshiping Allah after the anticipation of Friday prayers in Najaf, near his grandfather Shrine the Commander of the believers' peace be upon him.
The wound is deep and the melancholy event. The killers have learned to steal of our ranks.
The killers learned that the one who assassinated is the man of science, wisdom, courage, vision, and creative attitudes.
They assassinated a symbol, reference to the Iraqi people, the world at large in the fight against the unjust regime.
They tried to silence the tongue of the Iraqi people to remove the country from the situations led by the policy of tyranny, totalitarianism, racism and hateful sectarian.

The Martyr left us with his blood and flesh, but he grew up among us with his words and principles, he planted in the hearts of our people values, principles and policies that will never die. His words and his positions on the importance of ending the occupation, the importance of unity, organizing the ranks, and standing with the supreme religious authority, all the good and effective forces in our people without any distinction or differentiation are still alive and present before us.

The martyr has many prominent writings, speeches, and lectures that have graced successive generations with the importance of establishing the proper constitutional and legal foundations for the building of a just and honorable state, the restoration of rights and the victory of the oppressed, the poor and the deprived. The martyr also worked long to unite the ranks of our people in all its spectrum.

He worked to unify the word, develop the proper curricula and principles that we inspire today to move forward in the fight against terrorism, violence, inspired us to the way of reconstruction, building and providing services to our courageous, brave and daring people.

On the day of the Iraqi martyr on the first of Rajab, we renew our steadfastness on the method followed by the martyr Shaheed al-Mehraab Al-Hakim, the rest of the martyrs of the scholars, the devotees and of all the spectrums of our people, standing against injustice, tyranny, terrorism, and violence.

Without sacrifices, successes will not be realized. The time has come for all these great sacrifices for our people to enjoy security, prosperity, and rights. We once again console our people, and our condolences to the family of the Al-Hakim's family, who offered the martyr after the martyr and her tongue says that the killing is a habit for us and the martyrdom is our dignity from Allah.

In the name of Allah the Merciful
O my soul, the reassuring, return to your Lord satisfied with my satisfaction in my servants and enter my garden.
The great truth of God

His Excellency Adil Abd Al-Mahdi
Prime Minister
March - 8 – 2019