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In the name of Allah the Most passionate Merciful Statement for the Commander –in- Chief of the Armed Forces







December - 31– 2019

The American strike on our military units on December 29, 2019, was condemned by the government at the highest levels and the government took a series of measures and actions to address the situation in a way that secures the sovereignty of Iraq and the security of its citizens.
The funeral of the martyrs' ceremony is part of the fulfillment of their precious and purified blood, But far from contacting the embassy buildings that Iraqi government responsible for protecting and securing, Therefore, we ask everyone to leave immediately away from these places, and we mention that any aggression or attack of foreign embassies and representations It is an act that will be strictly prohibited by the security forces, and the law will punish it with the harshest penalties.

The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
December - 31– 2019