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The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption holds its sixth session chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi






March  - 3 – 2019

The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption held its sixth session chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi

At the beginning of the meeting, His Excellency Prime Minister welcomed the representative of the civil society organizations that concerned with combating corruption as an observer,

His Excellency pointed out that the presence of non-governmental organizations is a message that the work of the Council is an institutional, systematic; its objective is to strengthen, support the supervisory authorities and to resolve intersections between institutions if any founded and teamwork.

They discussed the establishment of a mechanism for the selection of public inspectors on the basis of competence, integrity, and competence in a manner consistent with the tasks entrusted to them.

The Council also discussed the issue of oil smuggling and its beneficiaries, while an ordered was instructed to form a joint team to develop a quick mechanism to follow up this file, meanwhile they decided to begin drawing the map of corruption, whether in the state or various configurations so that each file can be processed professionally and full knowledge of the mechanisms its elements to allow the treatment, encirclement, and elimination.

While the Council urgently directed to scrutinize the employment file procedures in the provinces of Diwaniyah, Wasit and Dhi Qar.

The reports on the measures taken with regard to the recovery of pensions for a number of senior officials in the Iraqi state were reviewed and according to the report of the Office of the board of supreme audit as well as discuss other important topics on the agenda.

Media office of the prime minister
March - 3 – 2019