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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi attends World Population day ceremony






July29- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi attended this day World Population day ceremony hold by planning ministry commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations Population Fund and coinciding with Iraq's readiness to implement the census in 2020.

His Excellency said in the ceremony speech: this day is very important to us; our objectives meet with the international community standard, because it is a day that makes man a vital subject and a supreme value, as Allah has honored him, There is no good in development and evolvement if it is not the goal of the human, which must be given priority and achieve its aspirations in health, education, scientific and economic fields and human development, which is what we have confirmed and done in our ministerial program and what we aim at through the census, pointing out that the wars destroyed many of the achievements of the Iraqi people.
His Excellency Prime Minister added: We are looking ahead in our preparations for the general population census; it is a fundamental goal for us because our data is flawed and not accurate, Because Iraq has not conducted a census for nearly 30 years, despite the obstacles we are moving ahead in conducting that census to achieving our targets we are looking for, This time we will be working on e-counting for the first time, and we are working hard to achieve this by taking advantage of successful international experiences.
His Excellency Prime Minister called All parties, bodies, Religious, parliamentary and social institutions to interact with the general population census, underscoring the government's support for conducting the general population census, commended the UN Regional Office and the United Nations Population Fund efforts in this field, And the efforts of the Ministry of Planning and the Central Bureau of Statistics to provide them with an appropriate database that serves the Government's plans and enables it to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
The ceremony was attended by a number of ministers, parliament members, governors and State officials, The UN deputy secretary-general for political affairs in Iraq, electoral assistance, And the Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
July- 29 – 2019