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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi receives UN Security Council members






June29- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi received this day Saturday 2019 / 6 /29, UN Security Council members, in their first visits to Iraq.
His Excellency expressed his thanks and appreciation for that visit and said: This important visit shows Security Council's support, its interest in Iraq, the transformations witnessed in all fields, Iraq's successfully overcome the great political, economic and security challenges.
His Excellency added that Iraq has witnessed external and internal wars, campaigns of persecution, destruction, and waves of terrorism, we inherited Destruction of infrastructure and community divisions, waste of our wealth, human, material resources and large debts. Despite all Iraqis managed to adopt the constitution, making several legislative elections led to change, a peaceful transfer of power, they won a triumph over Daesh and liberated their cities.
His Excellency said: When the supreme religious authority issued the fatwa of Jihad to defend Iraq, Millions volunteered, they united and by this unity, they won over Daesh, as well as our security forces in its different forms United, mobilized their strength and managed to achieve victory. Pointing out that the deep crises, sacrifices, and challenges faced by Iraq deserve greater international support for the reconstruction of liberated and damaged territories.
His Excellency reviewed the exerting efforts of the Iraqi government in the fields of economic reform, sustainable development, investing in natural resources, increasing agricultural production, working on imposing the rule of law, achieving justice among the components of the Iraqi people, equal opportunities and To take care of women's rights and increase their participation in political life and administrative positions.

His Excellency Prime Minister confirmed that our foreign policy is based on not engaging in the policy of axes, focusing on many joining issues which contacting us with the neighboring and regional countries, in order to preserve stability and security, achieving benefit and prosperity of all people of the region, while avoiding tensions, crises and wars, these balanced relationships achieve gains for Iraq and its people, as well as His Excellency underscoring Iraq's declared stance of the current regional crisis.
During the meeting with the Security Council's members confirmed all Security Council members support for Iraq, sovereignty, unity, and stability, discussed the continuation of cooperation, coordination and strengthening the United Nations work in the fields of humanitarian, displaced people, the reconstruction of liberated territories and women and children's issues.

The President and members of the Security Council expressed their support for the sovereignty and unity of Iraq and the reconstruction plans, commended the Iraqi government's balanced policy, its relations with its Arab, regional and international surrounding, The President of the Security Council in the current session MANSOUR ALOTAIBI said: We are happy with this historic visit, our message to you, We came to express our support for Iraq, its unity and sovereignty, To offer congratulations for achieving victory over Daesh which was made in thanks to Allah and the sacrifices of the Iraqi people, to emphasize that the international community stands by you, supporting the partnership and the efforts of the international mission in Iraq, which works with the approval of the Iraqi government and the successes achieved in various fields, We welcome the Iraqi Government's initiative to improve relations with neighboring countries and their Arab, regional and international surrounding described as a wise policy that serves the interests of Iraq and all countries in the region, as well as our support for the reconstruction efforts and the reform steps made by the Iraqi government.
The other members of the Council who spoke during the meeting congratulated the liberation of the Iraqi people to its cities and territories and to complete the government formation, its exerting efforts to consolidate stability and social cohesion, Expressing support for Iraq's sovereignty, commended the government's intention to strengthen Iraq's position and role, and Continuing cooperation to combat terrorism and extremism.
The meeting was attended by the Under Secretary, Iraq's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Head of the Organizations Department, Director of the United Nations Department of State file, And a number of advisers.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
June – 29 – 2019