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The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption holds its 8th session chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi






March  - 28– 2019

The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption held its 8th session chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi and the members of the Council.

The session began with the reading of Surat Al-Fatihah (Holy Quran) on the soul of the Chairman of the Integrity Commission Judge Ezzat Tawfiq Jaafar; His Excellency Prime Minister praised his great role and dedication in the performance of his duties, He was an example of an efficient, experienced, professional and impartial executive.

The Council continued the latest of the investigations in a number of cases and stressed the need to accelerate the completion, The Council considered all the issues on its agenda, it reviewed the recent actions in the province of Nineveh and accompanied by the dismissal of the governor and the assignment of a crisis cell to conduct the affairs of the province to prevent any security or service vacuum that harms our people in Mosul, and carefully followed the investigation into the ferry accident, which killed dozens of our dear people.

The Council listened to a detailed study prepared by the Supreme Judicial Council on the drugs and the measures that should be taken in this regard, also listen to a joint report prepared by the Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior on border ports and procedures to reduce the phenomenon of smuggling and trafficking and to ensure its work.

His Excellency Prime Minister directed for a reconsided issue of the fees received from citizens in exchange for the services provided to them and to achieve justice by not burdening the poor, especially as some began to take this issue a section of corruption.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
March – 28- 2019