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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al- Mahdi presents at the meeting of the tripartite presidencies a report on the recent bombings







August - 26 – 2019

Tripartite presidencies held a meeting for the political leaders at the Peace Palace today to discuss the political and security situation in the country and the region, the meeting was attended by His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi, President of the Republic Dr. Barham Saleh and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Mohammed Halbousi.
The attendees were briefed by His Excellency Prime Minister, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, on the bombings of weapons and ammunition depots during the past few days.
They confirmed the importance of following up the government's actions taken with regard to the available indicators of foreign involvement in the attacks on the targeted warehouses. They condemned this vicious attack and blatant violation of Iraq's sovereignty, they considered the attack on the Popular Mobilization Units' Brigade 45 in Qaim as an attack on Iraqi sovereignty, assured that the martyrs who fell as a result of the martyrs of Iraq.
They confirmed the support of the government in its measures to protect sovereignty, strengthen its defense capabilities and take all measures through all active channels and all international and regional organizations which that would deter the aggressors and defend Iraq and its security, and sovereignty.
They also underscored the importance of national unity in all its political forces and components and stand together for the security, safety and sovereignty of Iraq.
This extremely sensitive circumstance, regionally and internationally Obliges everyone to appreciate the importance and dangerous of the historic moment, In order to promote all that would support and consolidate the unity of Iraqis, preserving the independence of the Iraqi national position and maintaining the victory over terrorism, and never retreat.
In the midst of these events, the participants agreed to:
1- Respecting and observing the State superiority in various circumstances; Commitment to the constitutional institutional context, Observance of the rule of law, any violation of the State and its institutions shall be deemed a departure from the national interest and a violation of the law and shall be treated accordingly and in accordance with the laws of the Iraqi State.
2- Commitment to the document (Unified National Policy) agreed at the Leaders' Meeting, and not to be dragged into the policy of axes and refused to turn Iraq into a battlefield, and also Iraq should not be used as a springboard for any attack on its neighborhood.
3- Supporting and appreciating the heroic role of the armed forces in its various formations, The security and intelligence services are working hard to follow and pursue the remnants of Daesh, And emphasizing the continuation of this role responsibly to prevent them from regaining any opportunity to gather or to rise and return until the final elimination of any Daesh remaining .
4- Appreciate the honorable sacrifices and the national role played by the Popular Mobilization Units as an effective part of the national defense system, It shall be ordered by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirming the importance of the obligation to implement the State decree, Management of weapons depots according to the contexts in the country and through right procedures and under the umbrella of the defense system, and orders and follow the Commander in Chief.
5- Take precautions to deal with potential emergencies and face their ramifications.
6- Follow-up agreements and understandings with the international coalition to help fulfill its obligations to the sovereignty, independence, security, and safety of Iraq.
7- His Excellency Prime Minister had earlier attended the meeting of the tripartite presidencies with a number of the Popular Mobilization Units' leaders.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
August - 26 – 2019