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H.E Prime Minister never intervened on the issue of the releasing the former governor of Kirkuk







May26- 2019

Some media outlets news, well-known channels, and politicians claimed that His Excellency Prime Minister intervened in releasing the intervened on the issue of the releasing the former governor of Kirkuk Najmaldin Karim who was arrested in Beirut by Interpol, and His Excellency intervened on the issue of the releasing in respond to a request from Mr. Massoud Barzani after a phone call between them, according to rumors.

We are here categorially refuting of any phone call between the Prime Minister and Mr. Massoud Barzani on this subject, either directly or indirectly.

We confirm that the Prime Minister did not inform about the arrest of the former governor of Kirkuk only after his release the next day. His Excellency never intervened in that matter. His Excellency was informed in the incident of the arrest by the Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein in the plane while they were traveling in the official delegation to visit Kuwait on the afternoon of Wednesday, 22 May.

His Excellency Prime Minister then directed to open an official inquiry into what had happened and to take the necessary responsible position.

It is the duty of the politician as well as it is the duty of the media outlets to investigate the facts and truths before issuing irresponsible statements and Fake news Or provide fabricated information distorting the truth and attacking the institutions of the state, its people and citizens.

Politicians and journalists must investigate truth and accuracy before making judgments and check the information they receive. The arena is filled with leaks and fabrications that are intended to stir sedition only.

(Temptation (Or: discord, sedition) is more serious than killing) (And Temptation is greater than killing) with Allah Almighty.

We demand the politicians and journalist who released these false allegations to deny it and to clarify the truth to the public opinion as it is. , Committed to their professionalism, moral and national role, which presupposes a commitment of impartiality, credibility, and clarification of the facts. The Cabinet reserves the right to take legal and judicial measures if the false allegations are not denied and the facts are clearly clarified to the public.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
May – 26 – 2019