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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speak via phone







March  - 26– 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi and The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke via phone, this day on Tuesday, in which they exchanged condolences over the sinking of the ferry in the city of Mosul and the floods that swept through the Iranian city of Shiraz.
They confirmed the importance of cooperation to face the natural conditions, rain, and floods in the two countries and the continued coordination between the ministries of water resources in the two countries to take the necessary measures.

His Excellency Prime Minister underscoring Iraq's keenness to develop relations with the Islamic Republic and all countries of the region and exchange of interests to serve security, stability, to meet the aspirations of their peoples in the development and economic prosperity, Pointing to his recent visit to Egypt and the holding of the tripartite summit, which comes within the direction of the Iraqi government to establish the best relations with the Arab, Islamic countries, openness to all countries and invest the positive atmosphere for the benefit of the peoples of the region and enhance cooperation and exchange of interests.

The Iranian president expressed his pleasure to visit Iraq, the historical and strategic relations between the two countries. He expressed his country's determination to implement the agreements reached between the two countries. He reiterated the invitation to His Excellency Prime Minister to visit Iran, which His Excellency reassured to make it sooner.

During the phone call, the rights of the Palestinian people and the right of the Syrian people to the Golan Heights were emphasized.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
March – 26- 2019