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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi: high growth rates in Eygpt gives hope for the Iraqi economy for the same circumstances






March  - 23– 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi confirmed that high growth rates in Egypt is a good news because Iraq and Egypt faced the same political development in different decades, which that gives hope for us and promising for increasing the growth rates in Iraq if we put our hand in hand and cooperate together in the economic fields.

That came during His Excellency speech in the Iraqi- Egyptian Businessmen Economic Forum; Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Medbouli was attended.

His Excellency reviewed the economic development in Iraq and the rate of spending in the public and private sector, supply and demand, demanding to achieve big steps in different fields by using scientific methods.

His Excellency pointed to the government reforms method in developing stumbling block and stopped projects, clarifying that the employment opportunities, Rebuilding in Iraq and mega investment opportunities, nothing stope the opportunities because of the goodwill, common desire and available opportunity for businessmen and investors.

Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Medbouli also delivered a speech in which he expressed the importance of cooperation between the two countries and serious efforts to start a new phase of cooperation between Iraq and Egypt in all fields to overcome the current reality, achieving the desired level and ambition.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
March – 23- 2019

Media office of the prime minister
March - 23 – 2019