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H.E. Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi supervises launching of "the will of victory " 2nd phase", inspecting Armed Forces north of Baghdad this dawn






July20- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi supervised launching of "the will of victory " 2nd phase" north of Baghdad and its suburb in its 1st phase this Saturday dawn, inspecting participating Armed Forces and Military Units headquarters in the Tarmiyah and Al-Mashmayah areas.
His Excellency Prime Minister met with the Military Leaders and Commanders, listened to overviewed explanation concerning plans, procedures and participation Military formation in this operation which its target to achieve stability, security and enforcing the law in those territories, halting Daesh's remnants from penetrating to or using it as corridors for executing its terrorists' operations.
His Excellency directed The Military Formations to execute its duties in high professionalism and full collaboration with citizens, tribe's sons, chieftains, dignitaries in the military operations areas.
His Excellency said: "The unity of our people and its cooperation with our armed forces can provide security and stability and provide conditions for the providing services to citizens. The security and services of each one cannot be divided to for that we urge the service, administrative, judicial and engineering departments to redouble their efforts to serve the citizens who suffered a lot of neglect and terrorism, commended the fighters in from different military formations and praised the high coordination among them and the distinct relationship between the security forces and citizens to gain their confidence, Is essential to the success of the process and the achievement of its objectives.
His Excellency The commander-in-chief of the armed forces was accompanied by the Minister of Defense and Interior, the Popular Mobilizations Units and a number of military commanders in the Baghdad Operations Command, Joint Operations, Federal Police, Rapid Response and Air and Riverine units.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
July – 20 – 2019