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Office of The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Statement concerning Holy Najaf's tragic events on May 15th, 2019.







May16- 2019

Under His Excellency Prime Minister Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi, the security forces launched arresting operation against a number of rioters which inflected losing of a number of citizens, panic, arsonists, and sabotaged public properties. The investigations still going on with all accused persons, while all shooters and arsonists will be arrested and bring into justice.

His Excellency the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces assured the ensuring of peace demonstrators' lives in accordance with the procedures which made by the constitution and law, His Excellency directed for the necessity of law enforcement and security to implement the law and protecting public and private properties, also His Excellency ordered to open investigation in Holy Najaf's police forces the method of operation and how it conducted during the tragic events and the failure to avoid or reduce human and material losses.

His Excellency Prime Minister underscored the need to continue to fight corruption, corrupters and supporting the hands of all political and public forces looking for the reform process and combating corruption through peaceful and legal means, Calling on everyone to submit their documents and information to the Supreme Council for the fight corruption to take the investigative and punitive measures in accordance with the law.

Office of The Commander in Chief of The Armed Forces
May- 16 – 2019