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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi dispatches a delegation to the provinces of Wasit and Maysan to follow up the procedures of dealing with floods and compensate the affected







April – 12- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi dispatched a delegation, chaired by Mr. Hamid Al-Ghazi, representing of his Excellency, to the provinces of Wasit and Maysan to follow up the procedures of dealing with floods, reassuring citizens that government is standing with them and compensating them.

His Excellency Prime Minister's representative met with the local government and representatives of the two governorates in the House of Representatives, tribal sheikhs, citizens, government departments, the popular mobilization and the supporting security over there.

His Excellency Prime Minister's delegation assured the citizens that the government standing with them, its keenness to compensate all those affected by the rain, flood, and waters, to degrade the damage on the residential areas that may be affected by the wave of floods and floods.

The head of the delegation confirmed His Excellency Prime Minister's approval to allocate emergency amounts to the provinces of Wasit and Maysan, to send committees within the administrative units under the supervision of the Governors to collect damages on crops, agricultural crops and expediting the report to the Central Committee to be compensated as soon as possible.

While underscoring the necessity of contacts between the crisis cell and Baghdad to coordinate the efforts between the departments of the two provinces, In addition to the need to continue the engineering effort in cooperation with the citizens to deal with any new developments to control the floods and to preserve the lives and property of citizens.

The delegation discussed with officials in the two provinces plans to preserve the water and use it as a reservoir for the marshes and lakes.

The field visit included a number of areas, including Al-Maymouna, Al-Hamdah, Al-Salam, Al-Amara Center, Sheikh Saad, Al-Sandak and Al-Kut areas in both provinces.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
April – 12 - 2019