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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi: Popular Mobilization forces is a historic achievement for Iraq, must be preserved






November-5- 2018

His Excellency Prime, Commander in chief of the Armed Forces Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi has confirmed that Popular Mobilization forces establishment is a historic achievement for Iraq, must be preserved.
This came during His Excellency's visit to the Popular Mobilization forces headquarter, meeting with the leaders of Popular Mobilization forces.
His Excellency has confirmed Popular Mobilization forces is a real fact can't be bypassed, It is an official force subject to the law, it is under the commander-in-chief command and the duty of the government to support and maintain its existence.

Indicating that the advisory fatwa of the supreme religious authority has turned all the scales and that the entry of the Popular Mobilization forces in the battle gave a psychological dimension and a belief which did not exist before, it did help the security forces all in changing the equation of withdrawal and defeat to victory.

His Excellency has pointed out that the budgets have declined as well as Popular mobilization's budget, which we must find sources of funding, as there is an operational budget or investment can be reviewed and we will work together to find financial sources to support the Popular Mobilization in order to overcome the difficulties, assuring that Popular Mobilization remaining is a vital.

His Excellency has added: "We will work with all efforts in order to insure having their full rights, pointing out that the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization must be honored in honor of them, indicating that we are in the right way and the difficulties will solve all throughout cooperation.

They have discussed the evacuation of cities from the armed except those who did entrust with the maintenance of security, confirming the cooperation of the institutions of Popular mobilization in achieving this goal, while accurate principle being formed for starting to implemental in Basra.

Media office of the prime minister
November-5- 2018