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The social media outlets have spread out an official document of duties concerning the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister to carry out his previous tasks to facilitate and overcome the transitional phase of receipt and delivery and to prevent any administrative vacuum during the evaluation of the work of the Office again.

1- The published document is not precise and some restricted rules have been removed and should not be taken or any other book to be issued or published unless it issued or published via the official outlet.
2- The habit of leaking inaccurate, incorrect, falsified or confidential books is a great source of confusion, whether between citizens or in the work of state departments.
3- Administrative, technical and disciplinary measures are able to encircle this phenomenon and prevent it, which we will work on it usually.
4- We are urging on the media to be careful and help to spread the truth and the right information, prevent troublemakers from confusing the public opinion, the work of the state, the dissemination of fake and false information.

Media office of the prime minister
October-29- 2018