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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi holds a meeting with Basra's representatives, governor, provincial council's chairman and Police Commander






November-28- 2018

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi held a meeting with Basra's representatives, governor, provincial council's chairman and Police Commander.

They discussed Basra's conditions in the fields of security and reconstruction, drinking water, investment, services, agriculture, industry, housing, health, roads, job creation and all related to the governorate.

The representatives, the governor, the provincial council chairman, the commander of operations and the police gave a detailed presentation on Basra and the problems and obstacles that stand in the way of providing services to the people of Basra.

His Excellency welcomed the representatives and the participants, clarifying that Basra is a large by its own people and the future, history and future, which is the capital of Iraq's economic, reaffirming the exerted affords to lift the unfairness and injustice of its people.

His Excellency added: Basra has a vital privacy and we can as a central, local government and legislative authority to be an integrated to provide all the serves to the province, overwhelming many obstacles and away from mutual accusations.

His Excellency pointed to the importance of providing a healthy investment environment through executive and legislative measures, which will have a major role in reconstruction and jobs creation and services.

Concerning the demonstrations, His Excellency confirmed the citizens' right to peaceful demonstration and to allow expression as a proper democratic practice and to remain in peaceful limits.

After His Excellency hearing to the presentation of each deputy in the explanation and proposals detailed His Excellency directed for joint work to develop solutions to the problems that prevent the providing of services to the people of Basra and to be the solutions needed for the presentation of the representatives, reassuring that the government began effective measures to provide all support to the province and its people.

Media office of the prime minister
November-28- 2018