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H.E. Prime Minister, Commander in chief of the Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi holds a meeting for the National Security Council






November-25- 2018

The National Security Council held its regular meeting today, the meeting chaired by His Excellency the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi.

During the meeting they discussed the issues on the agenda, foremost of which is the security situation in all governorates, ensuring the safety of the plans and procedures taken by the security forces to protect and control the borders as well as guaranteeing the citizens' normal life.

The Council discussed the agriculture's contracts and its security safety in all aspects to prevent delaying of contractors, according to the legal procedures, contributing to the success of the investment of agricultural land in all provinces, In addition studying the Directorate of Personal Protection's duties, and a number of issues such as security, administrative and legal.

His Excellency Prime Minister confirmed the importance of continuing following up in all divisions while intensifying the intelligence effort and high coordination between the various bureaus and the security formations to monitor and halt any terrorist attempt by Daesh's remnant, underscoring the importance of strengthening the friendly relationship and collaboration between our security forces and citizens, exerting hard work to accelerate the reconstruction efforts and improving services in the liberated areas, especially in the province of Nineveh.

The National Security Council made a number of decisions and recommendations concerning discussed files, as well as adopted the National Strategy for Chemical Security in Iraq.

Media office of the prime minister
November-25- 2018