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H.E. Prime Minister, Commander in chief of the Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi chairs a meeting for the National Security Council






December-2- 2018

His Excellency Prime Minister, Commander in chief of the Armed Forces Adil Abd Al-Mahdi chaired, Today on Sunday, a meeting for the National Security Council.

The Council discussed issues on the agenda, foremost of which is the directive of His Excellency Prime Minister to regulate the duties of the Directorate of Personal Protection and to establish clear controls for its work in order to achieve the desired objectives and according to the necessary needs.

His Excellency Prime Minister briefed during the meeting on a detailed explanation and viewed a symbol form the system of the project to grand electronic visas in accordance with international standards and achieves the smoothness, speed, security and facilitates procedures.

His Excellency commended the national effort in the field of preparing the project to facilitate the granting of visas, directed to work on expanding it in the future, pointing out at the same time to the need to strengthen the status and prerogative of the Iraqi passport in cooperation among all parties concerned.

The Council conducted an assessment for the security situation in general and particularly in Nineveh province, as well as topics of contracts to strengthen the capabilities of our armed forces, In addition to discussing topics related to the residency affairs and the State directorate that responsible for it, The National Security Council concluded its meeting by reviewing some of the measures taken to open the Green Zone

Media office of the prime minister
December-2- 2018