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H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi chairs a meeting of Supreme Coordination Committee between the governorates






November-14- 2018

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi confirmed that the relationship between local governments in the provinces and the federal government is one the political system pillars, the country's unity guarantor and the work safety; we rely heavily on them to facilitate national tasks according to the Constitution, disciplines, and powers.

During His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi chaired Today the meeting of Supreme Coordination Committee between the governorates, His Excellency added: The intense centralization did not achieve the interest, fanciful who thinks so even though this outlook has some positives, but in the final result led to the disintegration of relations, outbreak of crises, internal and regional wars, The problems motivated by nationalism, religion and sectarianism, The history of Iraq is witness to that.

His Excellency Prime Minister added that the decentralized system in the administration of the country came in response to realistic requirements and this experiment should be strengthened, not to retreat from that, while the nature of the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and the provinces have changed for the better despite the existence of some problems, Stressing that the government's approach is to help the provinces to carry out their duties in the light of the powers granted to them in accordance with the Constitution.

Reaffirming that the duration and timing of the approvals and files shouldn't be open or remain unresolved,
It's vital to remove obstacles and simplify procedures to facilitate and accelerate the work of the provinces and the success of projects and the interest of the citizen must be the criterion.

During the meeting they discussed the provinces reality such as, financial, service, the transfer of powers, border crossings, State's employment, wages, and investment map in the provinces and the level of achievement in service projects, health, agricultural and educational, as well as the IDPs' return to their areas and many administrative and legal issues.

The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Finance, Construction, Housing, Municipalities, Labor and Social Affairs, Youth and Sports, the Mayor of Baghdad, the Governors, the Presidents of Provincial Councils and a number of Deputy Ministers, Directors General, and Counselors.

Media office of the prime minister
November-14- 2018