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December-12- 2018

Some misunderstanding, emotions in transport, inaccuracy spread and seek to stir up emotions, concerning reviewing the Parliament and Cabinet decisions: Resolutions 1-7-2018 and 24-10-2018 issued by Abadi's daily caretaker government.

His Excellency Prime Minister's Office confirmed his denial of these inaccuracies that claim that the review will stop the fundamental decisions to grant allocations to all provinces or the province of Basra from the petrodollar or border crossings, Emergency payments to needy families or setting up desalination plants, and so on. Underscoring that the real purpose of the decisions of the Parliament and Cabinet is:

Firstly: confirming and installing fundamentalist decisions, achieving the interests of citizens and the public interest, underscoring the continuity of the work of successive governments.

Secondly: halting non-fundamental and illegal decisions, those all would be after reviewing and monitoring.

Media office of the prime minister
December-12- 2018