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April 29 2015

While the Government of Iraq welcomes the efforts of all countries that stand with Iraq in its war against Daesh terrorist gangs and provide military assistance, we assure everyone that dealings with the Iraqi government were, and are still, in a manner that respect Iraqi sovereignty, and this is what the government has asserted throughout its discussions with these countries. There is no double standard in our dealings with any foreign entities and we emphasize that any arming will not occur except through the Iraqi government, in accordance with our military plans.

The Iraqi government underscores that together with all its components and minorities, Iraq is confronting Daesh terrorists, and facts on the ground have proven that all these components continue to fight for the liberation of all Iraqi territories; to facilitate the return of displaced persons to their homes; and to restore normal life under a government that is inclusive of all.

Numerous military victories have been achieved thanks to this cohesion and we continue to endeavor to liberate every inch of Iraqi land.

We reject the proposed bill from  the House Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Congress, which will only lead to further divisions in the region, and we call on Congress not to proceed with the bill in order to serve the strategic relations between our two countries in the fight against Daesh, and to strengthen and develop cooperation in various fields.

Media Office of the Prime Minister