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Statement by Council of Ministers






May 19 2015

The Council of Ministers called, in its session chaired by H.E. PM Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, for all Iraqi people to be more nationally cohesive and stand unified against Da'esh in order to protect our people in Anbar and save our families in Nineveh from these criminal groups. The Council asserted on the determination of the Iraqi government to liberate every inch of the Iraqi immaculate land from the filth of Da'esh terrorist gangs.
The Council of Ministers, after discussing the military condition, has unanimously issued the following decisions:
1) The Council of Ministers supports the call of the Commander-in-chief to liberate all the province of Anbar with the participation of Iraqi military forces, volunteers of public mobilization, and tribe fighters under the leadership of the Iraqi forces general command.
2) Calling for voluntary recruitment to add new forces in the army especially in the squads which have shortages in number including the 7th squad in the west of Anbar, in addition to terminating the contracts of escapees.
3) Emphasis on the training and readiness of the local police to be able to control the land properly after liberation.
4) Confirming the Iraqi government's obligation to recruit and arm the tribal fighters in coordination with Anbar province.
5) Honoring combatants who have persevered in the face of the terrorist attack while directing harsh penalties to the indolent who led to negative impacts in Ramadi.
6) Prosecute circulators of false rumors who aim at undermining high spirit of the citizens and combatants.
7) The Council of Ministers is committed to continue supporting the displaced people and extending necessary supplies to them.
8) The Council of Ministers calls for the International Community together with the International Coalition and the neighboring countries to support and assist Iraq in its war against terrorism with the provision of armament and supplies as well as contribution to the fund for Reconstruction and Re-stabilizing of the Devastated Areas by the terrorist gangs Da'esh.