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Speech by the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Dr. Haider Al-Abadi on the Turkish intervention







Dec 11 2015

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Our dear people of Iraq
Dear friends all over the world

Our homeland Iraq, for which we sacrifice our souls and our blood, is exposed to a flagrant violation of its sovereignty by a neighbor, and it is our right and and in fact our duty to take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity of the proceedings.

We will take all measures and resort to all legitimate means to protect our land and national sovereignty, and our armed forces and our sons from the popular mobilisation and tribes, who provide enormous sacrifices to defend their homeland and their sanctities from desecration by Daesh and those who stand behind them, defend the sovereignty of Iraq which was violated and we do not allow it to be violated.

We will not be negligent in the performance of our constitutional and national duty to protect the country and defend its security, sovereignty, safety and territorial integrity, and we have followed so far peaceful and diplomatic ways and gave our neighbour Turkey a deadline to withdraw its troops and we did not close the door to dialogue, and we utilised the help of our brotherly and friendly countries and international organisations, and we made clear our position on the violation of our sovereignty .

We reaffirm that our actions are not directed against the brotherly and neighbourly Turkish people, and all that we asked for is respect for Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi soil, because their presence has not been a formal request, neither oral or written, and the Turkish citizens who are in Iraq will remain the guests of the Iraqi people and it is our duty protect them and their property.

The sending of Turkish armored forces without Iraqi government approval is not a help against terrorism, it is a flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and today there are no armed military forces of any state on Iraqi territory except Turkey, and without our consent or knowledge, and all that is said otherwise is pure fabrication.

There is no sovereignty over the land of Iraq for non-Iraqis, we did not ask any country to send ground force and we will never accept it because we have enough of the heroic men in our armed forces in the army, police and all components, and our special security services and the counter-terrorism force and volunteers from all over Iraq and from all factions, and its components, and assure everyone that the Iraqi position in all of their components and affiliations, is united in the defense of sovereignty and the rejection of its violation, and the government rejects this flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and all the political forces and religious authorities and international organizations support us strongly in this national and legitimate position.

Iraq has been keen to establish better relations with its neighbours and we have extended our hands to all and we have been and continue to feel that our security and our stability is common, and the threat of terrorism is aimed at all peoples and nations of the world.

While we have expressed our desire to cooperate against terrorism and welcomed the support of friends in the areas of armament, training, advice and intelligence, we do not accept the violation of our national sovereignty and our sacred land, nor is it in anyway acceptable to confuse the desire for cooperation and the entry of a Turkish armoured force into our land by force and without our consent.

Our battle against Daesh gangs that we are fighting and winning today and tomorrow, and in which the finest young Iraqis are martyred, is in fact the battle to defend sovereignty, and we will continue to fight for sovereignty and we are confident to win this just cause, which is supported by international law and customs.

Our dear patriotic Iraqis, those who think that the patience of this nation is weakness are in error, and that this nation who conquers injustice and tyranny throughout the ages will not regain its right.

We are strong with this nation and their unity and with its strong will we will overcome the hardships and be victorious.

Long live Iraq and Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi
Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

11 December 2015