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Prime Minister Media Office: Our Forces Achieve Remarkable Victories and We Deny the French President's Statement that is Far From Reality







November 4 2014

The facts on the ground demonstrate beyond any doubts that our brave Iraqi troops are achieving remarkable victories on the ground in many fronts. Most of Diyala province has been recovered; the south of Baghdad, and Jurf Al Sakher and our troops are now fighting to remove the last stronghold of Daesh in northern Salahuddin and moves from Baiji toward Mosul in the north and is also making progress on the front of Anbar and they have very high morale and great determination to liberate every inch of land.
With these evident victories, we firmly deny the statements attributed to French President Mr. Francois Hollande about failure of our troops to achieve any victory.
In addition to being incorrect, these statements are not at all suitable, as they will contribute to the psychological warfare against our troops, and will only serve the enemy, which considerably depends on terrorism and psychological warfare; therefore we call for accuracy and objectivity before making any such statements that are far from reality.