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Weekly Address of His Excellency Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki June 25, 2014



Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.
You know very well that Iraq is exposed today to a fierce cross-border terrorist attack, threatening the unity and independence and stability of Iraq, and what increases the risk of this attack is that fact that it is being waged by terrorist organizations, that started from Nineveh province, and want to continue in other parts of Iraq, it receives support and assistance from some neighboring countries, this is evident from the media coverage of some of the networks owned by these countries as you will see that they label strangers as revolutionists, and call murderers who violate Iraqi sanctities and shed Iraqi blood as mujahideen.
Those who defied the constitution of Iraq and allied with al-Qaeda and ISIS in targeting Iraq's unity and independence and have paved the way for the rebirth of ISIS and provided logistic support for them and provided them with the cover to invade the province of Nineveh.
There is a joint operations center in one of Iraq's cities, that oversees the organization and the movement of the terrorists in different areas, which makes it more dangerous to Iraq than the terrorists themselves, and what often repeated by those who defied the Constitution that they will refuse to talk about Iraq before Nineveh, and that it differs from Iraq after Nineveh, this wrong position does not reflect the minimum national responsibility which is an attempt to exploit the risks that the country is facing from terrorist attack for factional narrow political gains at the expense of the higher interests of the Iraqi people, who will stay to defend Iraq before and after Nineveh equally and with the same attention.
It is also no secret to all Iraqis that the dangerous aims behind these calls for the formation of a national salvation government as they call it, is simply an attempt by the rebels to the Constitution to eliminate the democratic experience and the confiscation of the views of the voters and to circumvent the constitutional commitments.
The call for the formation of a national salvation government represents a coup against the constitution and the political process, and that the suffering of our people in all provinces and our people in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar, Diyala, in particular, is a bad result for the efforts of some political partners who worked relentlessly over the past years on a policy to weaken the security forces, and everyone remembers how these partners kept demanding persistently of some friendly countries not to provide the security forces with the necessary weapons and military equipment. These forces that are confronting today on behalf of all Iraqis the terrorist gangs, and in such difficult conditions and exceptional time for Iraq we have not heard of these partners that they offer any support, whether politically or in the media, just as if they were partners in sharing the gains and are not partners in confronting the challenging and the crises with Iraq and its people suffer from.
Dear Sisters and Brothers;
In spite of the dangerous regional intervention in conspiracy against Iraq and providing various kinds of support for the organization of ISIS and its allies whether politically, logistically or in the media, our security forces with God's help and with the courage of the Iraqi honorable people managed to reopen the roads between the provinces and liberated some cities and the process is ongoing to liberate all the cities in which terrorism has a foothold, and we are confident that our armed forces would not be able to reach these great achievements without the support of the Supreme religious authority represented by His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, and the support of all Iraqi people from various components and they all stand to the side to the volunteers who answered the call to defend their country and their sanctities and the dignity of their people and who will not submit to the mercenaries and criminals.
Dear sons of the Iraqi people;
I say to you quite frankly and clearly, we despite the cruelty of the fight against terrorism, we will stay loyal and faithful to the will and choices of the Iraqi people in strengthening the democratic experiment and the protection of the political process and with the same strength and determination that we had a in implementing the parliamentary elections on schedule, we will attend the first meeting of the Council of Representatives in line with constitutional requirements and commitment to the call of the supreme authority and to fulfill the requirements of the federal pluralistic democratic system in the country.
Dear Sisters and Brothers;
The danger looming in Iraq calls for all political forces to reconcile with the principles and foundations of constitutional democracy and working to fill the gaps in the political process that cannot be denied, and whose responsibility is not on one party in order to protect Iraq's unity and strengthen the democratic experiment and to start a new page with serious dialogue and with treatment of past downsides with open spirit and high sense of responsibility, especially as we are at the doors of the first session of the Council of Representatives and in the process of agreeing on a government program with the aspirations of the Iraqi people to achieve freedom, justice and development, services, and welfare, pride and dignity of Iraq and its people.
((Say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers)) Verse (9:105)
God Almighty has spoken the truth