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4/11/ 2013

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

It saddens us to hear someone claims to be leading a religious movement, speaks in such language that is nothing but insults and abuses. A language does not at all surprise anyone whether inside or outside Iraq , and it violates the simplest conventions and basic manners of communication with others .

We are still committed to the policy of not responding to him and to others which we have adopted for a long time and avoiding descending into polemic language that does not serve Iraq and its people , but the statement issued by Muqtada al-Sadr on the state visit of the Prime Minister to the United States, included so many abuses and deliberate false information about the cost of the visit, and it requires us to clarify some of the facts to our citizens:

1. The state visit of Prime Minister to the United States was announced a long time ago and was based on a formal invitation and did not need to be approved by the Council of Representatives , who did not object to the visit, and the United States visit was proceeded by state visits, to China, Japan, Korea, Russia and India and they all aimed at strengthening Iraq's relations with all countries of the world in all fields, and is suitable to the cultural heritage of Iraq and its pivotal role in the region and the world, and that such visits are part of the responsibility of the Prime Minister , and there is no constitutional objection to that, and it did not require authorization from anyone .

2. Iraq did not secretly speak of its need to buy weapons and military equipment from all countries of the world, including the United States , Russia, China and France. And Iraq did not and will never beg for weapons from any country in the world, but it openly requests weapons and military technology for defending the Iraqi people who suffered from terrorist gangs and outlaws who shed the blood of Iraqis and stole their wealth.

3. The responsibility is on Muqtada al-Sadr in person who had spoken earlier to the media about his tireless efforts with Syria for appointing a person in place of the Prime Minister and expressed his regret at the failure of that plan , his agenda old and new with some countries is no longer hidden from the Iraqi people , and therefore it would have been better for Mr. Muqtada to discontinue the policy of conspiracy and he should consult with the wise people to show him the right path before he targets others with accusations.

4. Mr. Moqtada has the right to exercise early electoral campaigning, but he should not belittle the Iraqis’ minds and memory as they are very well aware of the killings of their children in the notorious Sharia courts and who took money and bribes and participated in sectarian strife and the list goes on. They also remember the honorable Iraqis who firmly and strongly confronted the terrorists particularly al - Qaeda and they also remember the control of Moqtada’s militia that fostered murder, kidnapping and theft in Basra, Karbala, Baghdad and other provinces .

We hope that this statement will be the last in our response to Mr. Muqtada and those who allied with him, and we hope that we would not be compelled to respond to him again because then it would be very harsh , Iraqi people , who have suffered from a long dark era of the Baath Party and the subsequent control of al-Qaeda and the militias, deserves hard work from us to serve our nation so as to be in the forefront world’s developed peoples.

The Prime Minster Media Office