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 Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al Abadi Receives French President Mr. François Hollande  




September 12, 2014

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi received today the French President Mr. François Hollande.
Mr. Hollande congratulated, at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Al Abadi on forming the new Iraqi government expressing support of the French government for Iraq and the new government. Dr. Al Abadi welcomed the visit of the French president to Iraq, saying it was a good start in order to continue the efforts of the international community in support of Iraq.

Dr. Al Abadi and Mr. Hollande discussed political and security situation in Iraq and the region and ways to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries in addition to the efforts to hold the international conference to support Iraq in the fight against the terrorist organization of ISIS.

Dr. Al Abaid said that Iraq is exposed to a fierce attack by ISIS terrorists who represents a real threat to Iraq, the region and the world and the international community should work to stop the flow of terrorists into the country and to stop the international terrorist network and dry up their financial and military resources as well as providing air cover for troops stationed in combat zones against ISIS terrorist organization.

For his part, the French president stressed the need for the international community to put all its potentials in support of Iraq in the war against the ISIS terrorist organization noting that France supports the new Iraqi government and its people, who have suffered and still suffering because of terrorism.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
Dr. Haider Al Abadi
September 12, 2014