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H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi chairs a meeting of the Supreme National Water Committee






June -27- 2018

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi has chaired, today on Wednesday, a meeting of the Supreme National Water Committee.
In the meeting, they have discussed the procedures of the Ministry of Water Resources regarding the treatment of water shortage for this summer. A number of procedures, decisions, and follow-up of previous decisions were taken.
The Committee has decided to allow the cultivation of the amber pulp with an area of no more than 5 thousand acres to maintain the type and seeds distributed on 3,500 acres in Najaf province and 1500 acres in the province of Diwaniyah.
In addition, paragraph 2 of Resolution No. 287 of 2014 was amended to become an additional allocation within the Ministry of Water Resources' operational budget for 2019 and subsequent years for water treatment and flood prevention work, and shall not be transferred or spent only for these purposes exclusively and presented at the next cabinet meeting to be approved.
They have discussed the violations of the establishment of cages and lakes of fish on the rivers and streams, the committee has decided to be responsible for the user maintenance and cleaning of cages of herbs, plants, shamplan, Nile flower and cane and activating procedures to reduce the violations on the cages and determine the amounts imposed on the violators as a result of non-compliance with controls.
They have discussed the excesses on the Tigris River at the site of the Sarafiya Bridge and instruct the Ministry of Transport, the General Company for Maritime Transport to lift the excesses in Marsa Altayfiyah and to confirm the formations of the Mayoralty of Baghdad to work to lift violations.
They have discussed the project of cleaning of Tigris River and stabilize the water level in Baghdad and put the project to the National Investment Commission.
On the issue of water with Turkey and Iran, the Committee has decided to estimate the joint and transboundary Border Rivers that were stopped from running or reduce Iraq's share unilaterally by the Ministries of Water Resources and Foreign Affairs and presented the results to the National Water Committee and to engage in negotiations with the Iranian and Turkish sides.
Media office of the prime minister
June -27- 2018