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His Excellency Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadis statement in Munich Security Conference






February -17-2018

Peace be upon you.
Post formation of the Iraqi government, we attended the Munich Security Conference of 2014 and declared that we were determined to defeat Daesh and liberate the occupied lands and cities which constitute third of Iraqs territory. That declaration was viewed by many State leaders and representatives as an overstatement or unrealistic, because Iraq was torn apart and immersed in sectarianism, the army was devastated and relations with the regional and neighboring countries were deteriorated, added to that the decline in financial resources owing to the drop in the global price of oil.
Nevertheless, our promise has precisely come true.
 We triumphed over Da'ash; more than two million displaced persons have returned to their liberated areas; we united the country; we ended the alleged State of Caliphate and exterminated their senior leaders who tortured citizens, imposed unjust sentences on women and children, and destroyed the ancient antiquities and monuments of Mesopotamia dating back thousands of years, as well.
In addition to the military campaign, we initiated a package of measures, remedial actions, community reconciliation and political openness that altogether led to alter defeat into victory, and contributed into stabilization and situated Iraq back on the right track.
We have been able to unite the diverse Iraqi society of which: Arabs, Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and other communities to fight together in the same trench. Iraq came out united after it was on the verge of partition and we managed to establish the federal authority all over the Iraqi territories in accordance with the powers entrusted to us and the Constitution. Unity of our people and integration of our country have grown to be parallel achievements to the victory over Daesh. For the first time in Iraqs history, the federal army and the Kurdish Peshmerga were fighting together, while they used to fight each other under the dictatorship era.
 Iraqis forfeited lots of precious blood; they fought on the ground and proved unrivaled courage. Our victory is indebted to the martyrs and wounded fighters from the army, the police, the popular mobilization, the tribes, the Peshmerga and the security forces.
Iraq experienced the largest campaign of voluntary defense called by the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani.
Our foreign policy has been successful in mobilizing International support for our efforts in: combating Daesh and establishing security and stability. We continue to enhance relations with Arab and regional neighbors based on the respect for national sovereignty, mutual interests and non-interference in the internal affairs, along with our adherence to an independent national decision based on assurance of peoples rights, wealth and freedoms under the State institutions and the democratic pluralistic system.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The terrorist organization, Daesh, is still close to our borders, in Syria the sister country to Iraq. We call upon the world to unite and mobilize efforts against terrorism to track the sleeping cells of ISIS, the common enemy to our Nations and humanity as a whole. We reiterate that this terrorist ideology does not represent the Islamic religion, instead, Muslims murdered on the hands of Daesh in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and other Arab and Islamic countries are doubling the number of killings of the non-Muslims in the rest of the world. We reaffirm our solidarity with the families of terror victims worldwide.
The challenging issue we are confronting post Daesh defeat is stabilization of the liberated areas, which entails enormous efforts and potentials to reinstate basic services, healthcare and education. We sincerely appreciate the international communitys support in the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in Kuwait last week which underpinned confidence in the Iraqi government. The conference represented a ray of hope for all Iraqis and a tangible action to reconstruct what was damaged by acts of terrorism.
The other challenges are: imposition of government power and the rule of law; bringing arms under the State control; ending armed manifestations; increasing intelligence and security capabilities to enable citizens to live safely and enjoy peace all over Iraq to create a proper atmosphere for businesses, reconstruction and investment projects.
We have to maintain the gains that we have achieved. Therefore, our security forces are tracking the remnants of Da'esh who seize opportunities to attack unarmed civilians to compensate for their defeat, as well as our efforts to erase Daeshs morality and the subsequent impacts thereof, and rehabilitate societies that were under the rule of the Caliphate State.
We must restate the call for the international community to keep up united against terrorism, and we warn of leniency with terrorists allowing their sanctuaries to breed and boost up. The terrorists, no matter how few, exploit the atmosphere of freedom and respect for human rights to conduct criminal operations targeting citizens freedom and kill civilians in capitals and cities of the world.
We see that security is integral, thus we call for hard working to end crises and wars that have burdened the peoples of our region and made them more deprived and impoverished and to encourage dialogue as the only means to resolve internal conflicts.
We recently presented our vision regarding the region's future and security in the post-Daesh phase which involves the establishment of economic ties, mutual interests, and the reliance on youth capacities in the labor market, in order to prevent terrorism from reaching out to youngsters and luring them into their ideologies.
Our vision is to work together to build our interests and economies in an integrative manner without being isolated from each other. As the case has shown, security is indivisible, similarily economy, development and prosperity cannot be achieved in one State without another, and if we do not rise together, all projects of development, security and stability will falter.
We look forward to continued cooperation with the friendly countries that backed and supported us in our war against terrorism until victory. We hope that this cooperation will continue in the stage of peace, building, reconstruction and we call for joint efforts towards creating a better future for the whole world. 
Peace be upon you.
Dr. Haider al- Abadi
Prime Minister
February -17- 2018