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March  -16-2018

Our people and the entire World remember this tragedy's day of the city of Halabja (Halabja chemical attack), which was subjected to the chemical weapons attack by the ousted regime.
This crime, which shook the conscience of the world and led to the martyrdom of thousands of innocent civilians from our dear Kurdish people, it was one of the most common crimes committed by the Baath regime, and witness to authoritarianism and tyrannical and oppressive policy against all Iraqis.
As we recall this awful tragedy, we affirm pride in nation's unity and in the blood mixing of the Kurdish people with the blood of the rest of the Iraqis in the victorious liberation operations against the Daesh's terrorist's gang. The Peshmerga forces did fight alongside their brothers in the Iraqi army until the great victory was achieved.
We express our sorrow and solidarity with the families of the victims and with our Kurdish people. We affirm our concern for their security, stability, constitutional and just rights with the Iraqi people within a single Iraq and move together towards a new era of brotherhood and cooperation to rebuild, to meet the aspirations of our citizens.
We confirm that Iraq has fulfilled its international obligations to destroy all chemical weapons remnants that were used in the time of the ousted regime in the bombardment the cities of Halabja and other Iraqi cities; this chemical's weapons termination was re-activated under the current government and was fully completed. Iraq received an international certificate supporting the accomplishment of this task.

Dr.Haider Al-Abadi
Prime Minister
March -16- 2018