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H.E. Prime Minister the Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces Dr.Haider AL-Abadi: we should preserve the victory which we did achieve against Daesh and preserving the country unity







His Excellency Prime Minister the Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces Dr.Haider AL-Abadi has confirmed on the importance of preserving the victory which that did achieve against Daesh's terrorist gangs and preserving the country unity.
He warns from wrong voices which wish to waste those victories.
This came during His Excellency presence in (Iraq's decisive Victory) festival, which held by the Abbas's combat squad, Dr. Haider al-Abadi has blessed the victory achieved, blessed the Iraqi people for the victory's year and the New Year without Daesh, the unity of our people which achieved by the arms of our heroic forces and the blood of martyrs, the great fatwa of grand ayatollah Sayyad Ali al-Sistani and the response of our people to it.
His Excellency has added: The victory was achieved when the PMU's stood with the army and the counter-terrorism services and with the police and tribes and Peshmerga to liberate Mosul, Indicating that the children of the martyrs and their families and the wounded are our responsibilities and taking care for them is our duty and the duty of all.
His Excellency has said that the people of Middle and the South of Iraq did fight to liberate the areas occupied by Daesh who they did not think of political issues, they did fight for the homeland and the holy sites.
Dr. Haider Al-Abadi has said that the corrupters and those who seized the state funds are the ones who caused these disasters, and Daesh could not occupy cities but did by because of corruption.
His Excellency has pointed out that the stand of countries and the world community with us was for their interest, and there are foreign conferences to support Iraq, indicating that we do not seek support, but they have to support us for their interest.
We did remove the Terrorist's danger from our homeland and the World by the blood of the martyrs, the wounded and the arms of our heroic forces.
Dr. Haider Al-Abadi has said that reconstruction will include all provinces because all of them have been affected.
His Excellency has warned of the deviant ideology and its danger, stressing the need to continue vigilance and caution and we should not calm down, we should continue until the elimination of the last terrorist.

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