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  H.E. Prime Minister Dr.Haider AL-Abadi chairs a meeting of the Ministerial Energy Committee







His Excellency Prime Minister Dr.Haider AL-Abadi has chaired, Today on Monday, a meeting of the Ministerial Energy Committee.
During the meeting, a number of topics related to electricity, oil, and water resources have been discussed.
In order to seek to reduce the wasting in the electric and provide it to citizens continuously, the Council has discussed the mechanisms used in maintaining powerlines, increase the generating power capacity and fees collection.
His Excellency has directed the Ministry of Electricity to submit an integrated study concerning of what the Council discussed to support the Ministry of Electricity departments of the fees collectors, power-readers, and maintenance and presented the study to the Council of Ministers in order to approve it.
The Increase of quantities of crude to oil refineries in order to provide Petroleum products to the citizens including citizens of provinces in Kurdistan regional has been approved.
Adopting a flat rate for fuel oil provided to all government laboratories and private sector projects has been approved. One company of the Ministry of Electricity to joint venture with the executing company in order to complete Salah al-Din steam station has been permitted.
The Council has discussed water shortage's subject and set up a program to deal with this serious issue to ensure the availability of water for all citizens for the purposes of agriculture and drinking.
The Council has agreed for the Ministry of Oil to sign the memorandum of investment associated gas emitted from the field of the River Omar with an outstanding oil company.

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