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His Excellency Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi chairs a meeting of the Supreme collaboration committee among the provinces.






November -23- 2017
His Excellency Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi emphasizes on the importance of the competition among the provinces on the basis of the providing more services to the citizens, assuring the obligation of the government in transferring the jurisdictions to the provinces.
That came during his Excellency chaired a meeting of the Supreme Collaboration Committee among the Provinces.
His Excellency has commended the victories achieved against Daesh's gangs which have been defeated militarily, while currently, we have run massive clearance operation for large areas, confirming that the next job will depend on the intelligence efforts, and we have the intelligence capabilities which had succeeded in facing challenges, lately was securing the Al-Arbaeen's visit of Imam Hussein peace be upon him
His Excellency added that Daesh did massive sabotage in the areas which were under their control, and others areas also have been affected because of halting of the development projects in its.
He added that we liberated our country by our unity and the hate speech is rejecting and unwelcomed
He clarified that the fighting of the corruption is not a slogan, but it is a purifying operation to eliminate corrupters for the state's institutions, that plan well-formed and studied, referring to existence of corrupters campaigns in order to mix the papers and to accuse others in corruption, as we are going to be stronger while we are in our path to end corruption.

We have to distinguish between the simple management mistake and the real corruption, clarifying that there are indirect corruption which existed in creating not important projects to the citizens and not province's priorities, that leads to development is not in size of the expenditure.

He added that we have projects of water, sewage, and roads as priorities because there are scarefull accidents on the highways of Iraq

He stressed the need to facilitate the work of investors because there are international companies which shows eager to invest in Iraq and we must reduce routine, fight corruption and facilitate the procedures of the investor, noting to the importance of encouraging Iraqi investors.

Concerning to the elections, Dr. Al-Abadi said that the parliamentary elections will be held on its constitutional time, indicating that the more participation rate by citizens in the elections, the greater representation of citizens would be.

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